The Personal Video Memoir
The Personal Video Memoir hands down your stories and wisdom to those whom you care for - even those you will never even meet.

Generations from now you will impact and influence those who will treasure the history, the timeless values and principles you share.

Each Video Memoir begins with planning. During the consultation session with Charles, he'll ask about your history, key incidents in your life, plus your values and beliefs. He'll then assist you in deciding what to share and in what order.

There is a list of questions that you'll go over with him and you'll take it with you to work on before the actual recording session.

This allows you to think it through, make some notes and clarify what you want to transmit to your heirs.

Charles will review these notes with you at the start of the recording session and then use them as a guide for the interview.

Many clients see the Recording Session as intimidating beforehand and not a big deal after it's done. That's normal and won't affect the outcome at all.

Charles G. Waugh
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