The Fine Art Portrait
A Fine Art Portrait is a story in a single image and whether it be of an individual, a couple, or an extended family, each piece must work together to complete the whole.

Charles designs each portrait with his clients, discussing each element of the image so they build towards the final art piece.

For the final story to be clear and pose, the location, the clothes, the lighting, and the framing - all must be in accord with one another.

He will share the timeless principles of fine art that will inform each choice such as colors, mood, composition, and finished style.

Lastly, the expression must convey the intended message and show the connection that will speak through the ages to your heirs..

Charles is a master of eliciting genuine and engaging expressions that hold and draw in the viewer.

When combined with a Video Memoir, the Fine Art Portrait comes alive and anchors the legacy for the generations to come.

Call today to schedule your Portrait Consultation with Charles - your heirs will thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Charles G. Waugh
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